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Movie remakes versus the Original: who will win? December 4, 2009

Today in Hollywood it seems like there’s nothing short of remake mania.

Many popular classics such as Poltergeist, Adventures In Babysitting, Disney’s Flight of the Navigator (slated for a 2011 release), and RoboCop are in talks of being remade. There is also talks of a remake of Disney’s The Black Hole.

While some movies that were remakes, such as Disney’s Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, have done well at the box office; others, such as the recent remake of Fame, which was both a critical and box-office failure.

It’s like Hollywood has lost its sense of originality!

Don’t get me wrong, however, because some movies do deserve a remake – Disney’s Flight of the Navigator being one of them mainly due to the technological advances that have been made since 1986. One must ask though when is enough enough?