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transcripted interview with Christine Kasper of Houston Coalition for life December 10, 2009

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Here lies the audio interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsz12B4OINE

We were able to catch up with Christine Casper of Houston Coalition for life and we asked about what exactly happens to a woman mentally when they get an abortion procedure and what does she have to gain or lose during this procedure.

CHRISTINE KASPER: “I would say that during the actual procedure, many of the women, begin to realize the reality of what they’ve done. A lot of them are thinking of the problem and are trying to find solutions to that problem. During and immediately after the procedure a lot of women experience the loss and the emptiness of their wounds and so, at that time, I think it starts to actually sink in as to what has actually occurred.”

We also talked about the views of the church – more specifically, the Catholic Church and their views on the abortion procedure. This is what she had to say.

CHRISTINE: “I know I can speak for the teachings of the Catholic church and that is that all human life is sacred from the moment it’s conceived until natural death; and so we have to do our utmost to respect each life and to protect each life. Abortion would never be allowed in any circumstance because it is the taking of an innocent unborn human being. Of course, we have to mention too that, if and when a woman does commit an abortion that there is healing and open-arms welcoming her back because Christ offers healing no matter what we have done wrong. The Catholic Church wants to welcome those women back on to be able to accept that forgiveness and be welcomed back into the church. Abortion is considered a very serious sin, and, by doing something of that nature you are actually separating yourself from God and from the church. So you have to be reconciled with him in order to come back.”

There are also many spiritual repercussions that a woman can go through if she has an abortion procedure, which is another thing that Christine and I talked about. However, there is healing for those that get that along with the healing that the woman goes through after the abortion. More specifically, the aspects of healing, both spiritual and mental.

CHRISTINE: The pamphlet entitled “Women hurt” goes through kind of the steps of the healing process and, specifically, the 3rd step that the refer to is forgiveness from God. So typically what happens is that, what a woman will go through is a lot of feelings of guilt and shame, even staying away from church and anything having to do with God and Jesus because basically they feel that shameness. They feel that they are not welcome anymore and they think “how can God forgive me when I have done something like this. One of the important steps in the healing process is asking God for forgiveness and accepting that forgiveness. That is what is said here [in the pamphlet] that came, as a surprise is that 98% of women who are counseled after their abortion were not churched. They needed to experience divine forgiveness. They didn’t realize that they needed to experience that. Along with Alcoholics Anonymous, this is a psychological problem that, in almost every case, can only be solved by divine forgiveness. In other words, a woman who goes through with an abortion procedure; the only way that she can truly heal from this procedure is to ask God for forgiveness…”

One rather silent group that suffers from abortions is men. We took a look at how men are affected by abortions both mentally and spiritually.

CHRISTINE: “well there are certainly differences between ways that men and women grieve about the loss of their child. A lot of the symptoms that they might go through are similar. Some of the typical post-abortion syndrome symptoms for men and women could be anxiety attacks, irritability, outbursts of anger, aggressive behavior, difficulty concentrating, sleeping disorders and the list goes on and on of different situations that they could go through. Drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-destructive tendencies, problems maintaining relationships. There’s all these sort of consequences that men and women [who goes through with this procedure] could experience. I think that sometimes men might carry the burden that they did not protect their woman, that they are responsible for the death of their child. A lot of times, I know in certain situations that I have talked to, men who wanted to keep their child but had no choice. Basically they were in states of anger because they couldn’t stop it and they wanted it – they missed their child. They recognize that that was their baby and they don’t want to abort their baby. So there’s a wide variety of a thing that they could do or respond upon – things they think upon: “did they want this abortion? “Did they not want this abortion to happen? It’s very difficult for the fathers as well as the mothers.”

That’s all we have for today folks. Thank you for joining our show.