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20 questions with Christina March 4, 2010

  1. If you could trade lives with one person for one day who would it be and why? I am going to go with either my best friend Joanna or Jenna Fischer from the Office.
  2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Celine Dion’s 1st english cd Unison. I like it quite alot.
  3. If you could do one thing that is actually meaningful in life, what would it be? BE instrumental in breaking all of the negative feelings towards Christians. It hurts me to see that people that are not Christians are the ones that sometimes get hurt the most by Christians – that is not supposed to be! Jesus came to love others and draw people closer to him as well as save people from death. We must do likewise.
  4. Favorite ice cream flavor? Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked with cookie dough and brownie batter.
  5. What movie makes you laugh the most? I love Real Genius! It has the best quote ever from a movie in the scene where Mitch puts amplifiers or transceivers in Kent’s braces. Whenever Mitch uses a wireless mic  in the vicinity, Kent thinks he is hearing the voice  of Jesus. The boys end up telling kent that they want him to “think about what you have done and from now on stop playing with yourself.”
  6. Favorite tv shows: anything on VH1 classic except for That Metal Show, The Office, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory.
  7. Most prized possession: My bible and my bass guitar. Also my albums.
  8. Celebrity crush: Probably either Tobey Maguire or Leonardo Dicaprio.
  9. You have been given a Delorean that goes back in time. Where are you going to go first? I would like to spend alot of time in the 1980’s. Not only was it a good time to have lots of money, but the music from that decade was the best! Therefore, first priority would be to go to either a Michael Jackson or a Pat Benatar concert – she rocks! Same goes for Duran Duran, Pretenders, and Amy Grant . (Unguarded and Lead Me On are AMAZING!) Also I happen to LOVE new wave music. I would also buy some of that early Madonna-style clothing. (not the pointy bra thingys! Think Borderline era) Then there’s the toys – I want stuff from Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, and a Gizmo doll like what my cousin had from Gremlins. (Gizmo was cute!) Then of course, television: Mtv, Nickelodeon (when the shows were COOL!), Family Ties (Michael J. Fox was hot and a Republican!), The Facts of Life (Lisa Whelchel is a Christian. Gotta support a sister!), and The A-Team. I would also go to the movies every week to see the classics: The Breakfast Club, Pretty Woman, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, National Lampoons Vacation, National Lampoons European Vacation, Flight of the Navigator, Back to the Future I-III, Footloose, Tron, and Ghostbusters. Video games can be summed up in 2 words: Pac Man.
  10. Favorite lyric from a song: “I’m just a temple of flesh and blood who daily must decide/ whether to bow to the temple walls or to the spirit locked inside.” – Margaret Becker (“I Commit”)
  11. If you could learn how to do one sport, what would it be and why? Surfing or skating. I have always loved X-games type stuff. I also love the ocean and want to live near one someday.
  12. What would you like to do this summer? Go to Quintana beach in Lake Jackson for a day or 2 with friends.
  13. Where do you wanna be in 5-10 years? Hopefully doing journalism or media-type stuff. I would also like to be married and have children if God allows.
  14. If you could play one sport professionally other than x-games-type stuff, what would you play? Baseball! I for some reason love baseball. I have always loved movies like The Benchwarmers and  A League of Their Own. I never got to play softball in highschool (first one cut, no junior varsity team at the time) and would like to prove everyone and myself wrong. Either that or karate. Unfortunately I am no athlete.
  15. Favorite sports movie: I am going to go with The Karate Kid. I really like that movie because unfortunately I was alot like Daniel LaRusso in highschool. I was the outcast that everyone picked on. I wanted desperately to prove everyone wrong. I also love A League of their Own too.
  16. Best vacation you ever took? Either Disneyworld or the time I went with my parents to San Francisco and Los Angeles. It was a peaceful time for me and a great time to put some stuff to rest in my life.
  17. Biggest fear? Failure and lately meetings.
  18. Favorite type of food? I have to go with both mexican and greek. I have been spoiled by being a texan with great mexican food.
  19. Tell us a good story? One time, while I was at my parents house, I was watching Honey I Blew Up the Kid and my dog, a german shepherd, got on the bed with me. During the scene where Adam is terrorizing Las Vegas, my dog got up on all fours and started barking at me and showing his teeth while I was laying on the bed. It was like he was re-enacting the scene!
  20. Biggest guilty pleasures: the movie Mannequin and 80’s Contemporary Christian music – minus Amy Grant because she is not a guilty pleasure but rather a mainline “I like her music and stuff.”

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