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Presenting…………..the Best of Amy Grant in all forms! January 30, 2010

Best single – Christian: Lead Me On (1988). The driving guitar and impeccable lyrics are what makes this her best known-Christian song.

Best single – nonchristian: Baby Baby (1992).

Best album – Christian:

Unguarded (1985). With high-energy songs such as Love of Another Kind, Fight, Wise Up, Find A Way, and her trademark leopard-print jacket what is not to love about this peppy classic?

Best nonchristian album: House of Love (1994). Probably one of the then-most hypepd calbums ever done by a christian during that time.

Best single from the 70’s: Father’s Eyes (1979). The lyrics are more like an anthem. That is what makes this song very special.

Best single from the 80’s: Find A Way (1985). This was her first real attempt at crossing over into mainstream music.

Best single from the 90’s: Good For Me (1992).

Best single from the 2000’s: Simple Things (2003). The song that reintroduced her to Christian audiences.

Best Christmas album: tie A Christmas Album (1983) and Home For Christmas(1992).

Best video:


19 Responses to “Presenting…………..the Best of Amy Grant in all forms!”

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