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Happy Festivus! December 23, 2009

Alas, another year has come to pass and once again we as a nation are brought to this day, 23 of December, better known to all Seinfeld fans (like myself) as “Festivus.”

If you are not familiar with the holiday of Festivus, the holiday has a rich history that starts with a man, Frank Costanza, who explains here in this video how festivus came to pass:

Instead of using a Christmas tree, it is required that you use an aluminum pole so that participants won’t be distracted by the tinsel.

“The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances.”

With that said, it is now time for 2009’s Airing of Grievances!

  • Ex boyfriend: Things were going just fine between us and then you had to break it off just days before one night in heaven event, my birthday, and valentines day. You suck!
  • Facebook and whoever posted U2 concert photos on that site: You became an addiction for me. I had to rid myself of you because frankly I do not care about who posted U2 concert photos. Furthermore, I do not care that the rich church-fakery-playboy named Matt Ferstler went to the U2 concert and was in that little circle. He probably paid off the band or his rich daddy did! Thanks for rubbing it in of what I don’t have and what some don’t deserve!
  • People who leave me out of things such as invites, parties, etc: I may understand if we are not close, but I frankly don’t need to know about your dumb party all over facebook. Thank you for not inviting me, you suck!
  • The band “Heart” a.k.a “Ann and Nancy Wilson:” In 2008, you put on a rockin’ show at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion with Journey and Cheap Trick. The air was hot (as it is in Houston when it is summertime) but the concert was cheap for lawn seats – $29.oo for me and my friend Caitlyn to go. In 2009 you come back to Houston, TX to the Htown Arena Theater with just the band and no other acts like Journey or Cheap Trick and you jack up the ticket prices to a whopping $65!  So guess who could not go to your concert? Two great fans of yours named Christina (me) and Caitlyn! Thanks! Other than that your music still rocks!
  • Jon and Kate Gosselin (of the tv show “Jon and Kate Plus 8): Kate you must change your attitude! You are mean on that show and mega-harsh!
  • The “De-friend” option on facebook: Oh how I love to know that people I thought were my friend were, well, not!
  • Healthcare public option: There is a reason that people come from all over the world for healthcare. Yes, systems have flaws and our private healthcare is no different; but getting the government involved will not solve any issues, but will make things worse. Just look at how other countries are having troubles with public healthcare, therefore their citizens are coming to the USA.

Now all of you must try to wrestle. Don’t knock yourselves over.


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